producent stolarki aluminiowej

ALU IN systems

ALU IN presents Premium products made of the highest quality aluminum: windows, exterior doors, patio doors, glass walls, facades, winter gardens as well as fire and smoke exhaust systems. Designed for high-standard homes, they inspire with design, intimacy and elegance.

ALU INDreams of exclusive living

Aluminium13is revolutionizing the production of windows, doors and the entire door and window joinery. It impresses with its excellent utility values, ideal technical parameters, durability and effective design. It is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and durable for years.

ALU IN aluminum joinery

Enter the sophisticated world of aluminium with ALU in. It is made up of a team of technologists leaders and enthusiasts who know everything about aluminium. From the number and atomic weight - through the process of oxide - to the production of the most demanding, energy- efficient and stylish windows, patio doors, exterior doors, glass walls, facades, conservatories and fire and smoke extracions systems.

It's not just home anymore. It is your home.

Aluminium (in the technique: aluminum; Al, Latin aluminum) - a chemical element, metal from the p-block of the periodic table.
producent stolarki aluminiowej
producent stolarki aluminiowej
producent stolarki aluminiowej

Aluminum is extravagance, luxury and sophistication. Smart and the most technologically advanced and energy-saving solutions of the future.
Aluminum is your choice.
It's the comfort you want.

producent stolarki aluminiowej
  • Higher standard of products, elite style and ultra-modern, innovative solutions. The above-average quality of the offered products is guaranteed by ABAKUS - a leading manufacturer of windows and doors, with one of the largest and most technologically advanced machinery parks in Europe.

    ALU IN is an elite brand of aluminum products based on the most advanced mechanical and electronic systems of Aluprof and Schüco profile suppliers.

  • producent stolarki aluminiowej


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    producent stolarki aluminiowej

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    producent stolarki aluminiowej


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