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Automatic PANORAMA windows

Automatic PANORAMA windows and sliding doors from the Schüco Alu Intuitive line. Fully electronic, intuitive, intelligent Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI technology for the most demanding - a comprehensive sliding system with the widest range of possibilities

special edition alu intuitive pro, schuco ass 77 pd hi, ściany szklane, aluminiowe ściany szklane, alu in
special edition alu intuitive pro, schuco ass 77 pd hi, ściany szklane, aluminiowe ściany szklane, alu in

Type of service


System installation depth

77 mm

Air permeability

class 4


E 750

  • high thermal insulation
  • sliding system
  • panoramic design system
  • electronic
  • automatic


Automatic PANORAMA windows from the Schüco Alu Intuitive line is a comfortable, panoramic system for modern facilities with transparent architecture - both residential and commercial buildings of a higher standard.

  • It enables the construction of panoramic, glazed sliding walls with a corner opening at an angle of 90 ° with two additional leaves or two additional non-opening fields
  • The new 90 mm high flat frame offers further application options, e.g. for renovation
  • Newly introduced mounting accessories ensure the comfort of installation and allow, to some extent, compensation of the ceiling deflection

special edition alu intuitive pro, schuco ass 77 pd hi, glass walls, aluminum glass walls, alu in


Smart windows

The sliding system of automatic windows PANORAMA Schüco ASS 77 PD has won many design awards, such as: "iF Design Award 2018" and "Red Dot Award 2018" for Seamless Combination, a perfect combination of sliding and facade systems with panoramic design and "iF Product Design Award 2012" or "Red Dot Design Award best of the best 2012".

  special edition alu intuitive pro, schuco ass 77 pd hi, glass walls, aluminum glass walls, alu in  special edition alu intuitive pro, schuco ass 77 pd hi, glass walls , aluminum glass walls, alu in

The ultra-modern, phenomenally intuitive PANORAMA automatic window system from the Schüco & nbsp; Alu Intuitive line combines an innovative combination of modern architecture solutions with the most intelligent control and automatic regulation technology. the IRMC Production® system, ensuring the highest precision and quality of products.

The Alu Intuitive PANORAMA panoramic window system enables the implementation of fully automatic, electronic sliding doors with glazing along the entire length of the wall - from the ceiling to the floor.


Automatic windows Alu Intuitive PANORAMA is a unique system, thanks to which it is easy to make immaculate, monumental, automatic panoramic glazed structures. They give the body lightness, provide maximum access to the world and optically enlarge the space. It is an exclusive electronic solution of the future that ensures optimal user comfort.

The fully electronic Alu Intuitive PANORAMA window system means increased living comfort, ergonomics and convenience. Perfect thermal insulation parameters at the passive level, perfect tightness and acoustics. It is a guarantee of reliability, security and maximum anti-burglary protection. After all, it is extravagance, refinement and luxury of aluminum.

Features of the automatic window system Alu Intuitive PANORAMA:

  • Maximum transparency thanks to narrow profiles and a hidden frame
  • Minimum profile width - the value of the visible contact zone of the sashes starts from just 37 mm
  • More space thanks to freed all-glass, internal and external, and 90-angle opening at the corners
  • Unlimited possibilities thanks to various variants of sash arrangement (symmetrically or asymmetrically)
  • Compatibility with Alu Intuitive PASSIVE GLASS facade, thanks to which you can easily maintain the subtle design of the corner and optimal translucency
  • One-button operation or a touch panel (e.g. iPAD) using KNX technology
  • The flat threshold provides an extremely convenient passage from inside and outside
  • Extremely high burglary resistance with protection up to RC2 class as standard


Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI sliding system

System / material aluminum
Energy high thermal insulation
System type

sliding system

panoramic design system

Installation depth of the system
77 mm
Frontal width min. 37 mm

Glass / panel thickness, min. max

20 ... 60 mm
Max leaf width / height 3200 mm / 3500 mm

Sound reduction RwP max.

37 dB (A)

Air permeability

Class 4


E 750

Burglar resistance

To RC 2

Wind load resistance

Class C3 / B3

Window Uw factor 1.0 W / (m² · K)
Leaf weight 500 kg
Min. - max. leaf width 1,200 - 3,200 mm
Scope of application

external use

residential construction

commercial construction

Proof of permanent operation class 3

Surface finish

powder coating



Service force class 1
Leaf thickness 77 mm
Protection class against corrosion of hardware class 4
Total building depth 197 mm
Front width of mullion / flying mullion min. - max. 37 mm / 77 mm
Opening method / type

Type 2A

Type 2A / 1

Type 2B

2D type

Type 2D / 1

Type 2D / 1 - 90 deg A

Type 2D / 1 - 90 degrees I

Type 3E / 1

Type 3F

Type 2C

Type 3E

Type 3F 90 degrees

Type 3F - 90 degrees I

Type 3F - 90 degrees A




Handling type electronically
Driving glass material aluminum
Wind resistance, bending class C3 / B3
Installation depth of the system min./max. 197 mm / 297 mm
Min. leaf width / height 1,200 mm / 1,000 mm
Frontal width of the catch area / column min. 37 mm
Frontal width of the movable mullion min. 77 mm
Supply voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Max. element width / height 19,200 mm / 3,000 mm
Number of wings 6

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