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INVISIBLE SPACE winter gardens

Aluminum winter gardens to size INVISIBLE SPACE from the Schüco Alu Invisible line. Elegant winter gardens based on the Schüco CMC 50 system, naturally increasing the usable area of the house. They guarantee architectural freedom and maximum energy savings

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ogrody zimowe, alu invisible space, ogród zimowy schuco, ogrody zimowe schuco, oranżeria, taras
  • high thermal insulation
  • architectural freedom
  • modularity
  • ventilation


The INVISIBLE SPACE conservatory system sets new standards for energy efficiency and architectural freedom. By reducing the number of elements, relying on a modular platform, it guarantees maximum translucency, wonderful lighting and insulation of the interior, and gives the structure a unique character and aesthetics.

  • Schüco INVISIBLE SPACE winter gardens increase the usable area of ​​the house, acting as an extended living room, dining room or garden
  • Excellent thermal insulation and ventilation properties guarantee maximum energy savings
  • Durable structure, made of the highest quality aluminum, is windproof and waterproof, protects against glaring sun rays, has increased safety and acoustic insulation parameters


Schüco CMC 50 Winter Gardens

Frontal width min. 67 mm
Glass / panel thickness max. 55 mm
Surface finish painting


Winter gardens INVISIBLE SPACE is a self-supporting, aluminum winter garden system, based on the exclusive Schüco CMC 50 system. It is a thermally insulated structure for the construction of independent free-standing pavilions with a single-pitched roof, bay window or polygon.

Drainage occurs through an overlapping drainage system. The base is ventilated in the rebate and the vapor pressure is equalized through four corners of each pane in the rafter notch. The use of special glazing cubes provides ventilation around the glass rebate. The lower edge of the glass is covered with a suitable aluminum profile and protected against UV radiation.

Flexible design solutions

Custom made aluminum winter gardens

A smooth, simple hipped roof, or maybe an elegant pavilion? ALU IN specialists will create exactly the structure you dream about. Schüco INVISIBLE SPACE winter gardens are available in various sizes, they can be adapted to the roof pitch and individual needs and requirements. Each time they delight with precision of workmanship, lace accuracy and custom production. There are no two alike or ready-made designs for the Schüco INVISIBLE SPACE conservatory! Each of us is prepared at the client's special request.

Terrace roofings

The constructions of INVISIBLE SPACE conservatories are ideal for perfect terrace roofing. What is their advantage over pergolas or other systems? Glazed, aluminum Schüco terrace canopies do not shade the terrace, provide more light and comfort you want.

Nature in the interior and ENERGY SAVING

The Schüco INVISIBLE SPACE winter garden system is an ideal solution for people who want to enjoy the charms of the terrace regardless of weather conditions or the season. Thanks to the glass structure, conservatories allow nature to penetrate the interior. At the same time, they create a thermal barrier, thermal comfort and appropriate acoustics - for comfort, relaxation and rest.

A winter garden is an excellent buffer between the interior of the house and the temperature of the external environment. Effective thermal insulation lowers energy costs, which saves you money - both during the day and at night.

Unlimited design freedom

Absolutely unlimited! INVISIBLE SPACE conservatories can be designed without limitations and compromises! From a small terrace development to multi-storey structures - each time effectively and dazzlingly expanding the living space with varnished (RAL) or anodized (Eloxal) surfaces.