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ALUPROF is one of the leading producers of aluminum profiles. On its systems - extremely durable and solid - we make ALU IN products: windows from the Alu INdustrial line and sliding patio doors. ALUPROF windows and doors in the hands of ALU IN specialists offer a unique design, excellent heat transfer coefficient and unmatched acoustics.


Perfectly developed aluminum structures with stunning parameters of thermal, anti-burglary, smoke-tight and fire-resistant insulation - Aluprof windows are innovative material and technological solutions. They perfectly fit into the trend of energy-saving and passive construction, they are certified Passive Houses in Darmstadt. Aluprof windows are a creative response to the requirements of modern architecture and a perfect compromise between design and the requirements compliant with the construction law.

Aluprof aluminum windows

ALU IN business card. If you are looking for aluminum windows based on the most refined systems, choose Aluprof windows. Just like ALU IN is created by aluminum artists, Aluprof is built by masters of component shaping. Choose the highest world quality.

Exterior Doors

An elite line of doors with a high level of security in various styles adapted to the project - Aluprof external doors have a unique collector's character. They are distinguished by an original finish, unmatched thermal insulation and an extremely flexible range of accessories and additions. The minimalist aesthetics of contemporary Aluprof external aluminum doors, which present an elegant, modern style, provide a unique character for both new buildings and projects in renovation.

Take advantage of the Alu in front door offer, based on Aluprof systems, and you will gain modern practicality, safety and low operating costs. Make an amazing first impression, showcase your home.

Terrace Doors

A smooth transition from the inside to the outside, which perfectly fits the lifestyle of modern people - Aluprof sliding patio doors are an expression of modernity in its most beautiful edition. Almost without threshold HST sliding patio doors are currently the most frequently purchased product of higher standard home joinery. Thanks to them, you can easily give the building a unique style and raise the rank of the investment.

HST Aluprof patio doors

The highest rated balcony door by Poles. Get a large, yet slim, light and delicate structure that will perfectly fit into your modern construction. Choose Aluprof sliding patio doors and you will enjoy high comfort and convenience of use.

Glass Walls

Perfect systems for the construction of internal partitions, partition walls and office walls - Aluprof glass walls are necessary office equipment, extremely high acoustic insulation and excellent sun protection. These systems guarantee freedom of arrangement, versatility of buildings and a panoramic nature of design. Thanks to innovative technology and equipment by Aluprof, glass walls can be operated manually or automatically.

Modern and grand - design your home using Aluprof glass walls.


Spectacular lighting of the building, unique atmosphere in the interior and exceptional comfort for users - Aluprof aluminum facades are a beautiful expression of contemporary architecture and the implementation of bold visions of designers. Aluminum facade systems are used to make glazed spatial structures with high thermal insulation and tightness. They perfectly meet the needs of energy-saving and passive construction.

Give your buildings - both public utility, office and residential facilities - prestige and representative character. Consult your construction project with the ALU IN designer and discover the possibilities of Aluprof's aluminum facades.

Fire protection and smoke exhaust systems

Protection of human health and life, preventive modernity and modern technologies - Aluprof fire and smoke exhaust systems are a guarantee of appropriate conditions for evacuation and the safety of users. Aluprof systems are essential when designing fire zones. It is possible to connect different structures with each other while maintaining the appropriate class of fire resistance.

Take care of health, life and safety. Install fire walls, smoke exhaust windows or Aluprof smoke-proof doors in your home and allow yourself to stay calm, relax and take a moment to breathe.