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Schüco is a renowned manufacturer of unique and exclusive solutions for a modern home, a profile distributor and one of the leading window and door suppliers. Thanks to the effective cooperation with ALU IN specialists and designers, the customer can reach for fully intuitive, intelligent and sophisticated technologies for the most demanding customers.


Windows that combine modern architecture, design and functionality - Schüco aluminum windows from the Alu Intuitive line are the most INTUITIVE windows on the Polish and foreign markets. They are innovative, modern and fresh in terms of aesthetics and timeless design. In their execution, modern technical possibilities, intelligent technologies and projects where the greatest importance were attached to the precision of execution and selection of the best components were fully used. As a result, Schüco aluminum windows impressively illuminate the interior, provide maximum visibility and provide protection against weather conditions and capricious aura. Their excellent thermal insulation saves energy costs, increasing the value of your home and protecting the environment.

Discover durable, robust and designer constructions that focus on your needs. Create a sublime space around you thanks to Schüco aluminum windows.

Exterior Doors

Design freedom at the highest standard - Schüco aluminum exterior doors from the Alu Intuitive line are a unique showpiece of the house. The entrance door not only provides direct access to the interior of the house, but also gives the first insight into the character of its inhabitants. Schüco entrance doors combine timeless design with the highest degree of security, thermal insulation, weather resistance and durability. They are a perfect composition of functional reliability with modern aesthetics. They meet the requirements for the most intelligent door system, which we adapt to individual requirements in terms of energy efficiency and resistance to weather conditions.

Regardless of how you want to express yourself, we have a wide selection of Schüco aluminum entrance door models and their color options for you.

Terrace Doors

For bright, spacious rooms that overlook nature - Schüco sliding patio doors create new spaces. Highly insulated sliding doors offer ample conceptual and design possibilities for interior use. They combine elegant style with high performance. Possible to construct in various arrangements, structures with slender profiles always create stunning, large glazing and interiors full of light. They are perfect for both modern and traditional houses.

Schüco patio doors are made for you so that they are durable, combining the strength needed to ensure safety and warmth in the house with a meticulous design that will allow you to open and close them with the lightest touch. Find out what real luxury is.

Glass Walls

Unlimited views and maximum transparency - Schüco glass walls are modern in the most elegant edition. They operate almost silently on corrosion-resistant stainless steel guides. They open and close effortlessly and with elegance. All sliding units run in one plane (no ugly vent protruding into the room). Due to their impressive monumentality, the border between the house and the garden practically disappears. At the same time, due to the multi-point locking system, Schüco glass walls provide total security for you and your home.

Schüco panoramic sliding systems

The most modern constructions - the pride of ALU IN. Create a home that meets all your needs and dreams with uninterrupted views. Choose Schüco glass walls with thermal insulation at the passive house level and manual or electronic operation for full control and convenience.


Transparent design, panoramic beauty and passive thermal insulation - Schüco glass facades impress with a harmonious appearance and elegance. They are based on extremely narrow profiles with a front width of only 35 mm, thus obtaining an extremely slim and light appearance. Subtle glass divisions ensure better visibility, both from the outside and inside. Schüco's panoramic glass facades are used in high-class homes for representative glazing and an impressive view. They are particularly often used in commercial buildings, where transparent facades are made - shop windows, restaurants or car showrooms. There, it focuses on a prestigious image and attractive display of the offer.

Increase the translucent effect of the interiors you want to furnish and put on the Schüco glass facade system, certified by the Passive House Institute. Discover traditional warmth in its most modern form.

Winter Gardens

A refreshing breath outside at any time of the year - the all-year-round Schüco winter gardens are the fulfillment of people's age-old dreams of living closer to nature. The conservatory, also known as the winter terrace, provides additional living space and adds air to the interior. It is also an extremely elegant extension of your home, from which you can derive aesthetic, emotional and functional benefits. Conservatories are an intelligent buffer zone that helps to save energy, both in summer and in winter. Moreover, a high-quality, exclusively constructed conservatory adds value to the home.

Schüco winter gardens all year round

Fresh and natural from ALU IN. Discover the unlimited design freedom expressed in modular constructions that allow you to implement even the boldest constructions. Create a light-flooded space to relax and calm down at any time of the year. Thanks to Schüco aluminum conservatories, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the highest level of comfort.