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PROTECT fire evacuation systems

PROTECT fire evacuation systems from the Alu Industrial line. The safest solutions when designing fire zones. Fire partitions with doors in classes EI15 to EI90

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Acoustic insulation Rw

up to 41dB

Air permeability

class 2


class 5A

Fire resistance classes

EI 15-EI 90

  • thermal insulation
  • fire resistance
  • fire protection
  • smoke-tight structures


Fire doors and partitions 

Alu Industrial PROTECT fire evacuation systems are systems that protect human health and life. They allow for the implementation of various building elements responsible for the organization of fire zones in buildings and guaranteeing appropriate conditions for the evacuation of people. These are:

  • fire walls with single and double doors
  • smoke exhaust windows
  • smoke-tight doors 

Fire escape systems PROTECT have very good thermal insulation at the Uf level from 1.60 W / m2K and acoustic insulation (up to 40 dB). The whole structure is based on thermally insulated aluminum profiles with a depth of 78 mm and special profiled thermal breaks with a width of 34 mm. High temperature resistance is ensured by special GKF or CI fire insulation elements introduced into the internal chambers of the profiles and in the insulating spaces between the profiles, as well as steel accessories and connectors.

Fire safety class

PROTECT fire evacuation systems are covered by ITB technical approval no. AT-15-6006 / 2016 and British CERTIFIRE no. CF 5138.

PROTECT solutions include both products that are structurally related to the group of window and door systems, as well as those based on facade transom and column systems. The fire resistance of this type of structure ranges from EI15 to EI120 depending on the requirements for vertical structures, while for roofs it is REI30 / RE30.

ALU IN offers another interesting solution from the point of view of fire zone design - the possibility of combining with each other of different structures while maintaining the appropriate class of fire resistance, e.g. doors of fire protection and smoke extraction systems SAFE & SMART built into the facade. The structure made in this way can have the EI30 or EI60 class.

Fire protection and smoke exhaust systems Alu INdustrial PROTECT

Fire partitions with doors in classes EI15 to EI90 Aluprof

The thickness of the fillings in the Alu Industrial PROTECT evacuation systems ranges from 6 to 49 mm. At the customer's request, ALU IN specialists will use typical fireproof panes or layered opaque elements consisting of sheet metal and appropriate plates ensuring the required fire protection.

Alu INdustrial PROTECT are fire evacuation systems that ensure the highest safety during a fire. Compatible with many solutions, they can be used in absolutely any type of building, and their design will show the most appropriate evacuation route.

Fire resistance

  • Fixed walls and industrial doors: EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60, EI90; EN 13501-2
  • Sliding doors: EI30, EN 1634-1

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producent stolarki aluminiowej
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