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Aluminium exterior door Aluprof COMFORT

Aluprof COMFORT exterior doors from the Alu Intense product line. A sophisticated entrance in a luxurious style based on Aluprof profiles. The MB-86 panel door is a proposal for people who value safety, elegance and perfection of workmanship

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Thermal insulation Ud

0,44 W/m2K


class E900

Air permeability

class 4

Wind load resistance

class C5/B5

  • batch filling
  • overlay panel
  • high thermal insulation
  • aerogel
  • fingerprint reader


The Aluprof COMFORT aluminum external door from the Alu Intense line, based on the MB-86 system, is extravagance and sophistication in a modern version.

  • Attractive designs and colors of entrance doors, available in various configurations, will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers
  • They are available with an insert filling and with an overlay panel (flush on one or both sides, in four construction variants: ST, SI, SI + and Aero)
  • The leaf profile is adapted to be combined with special fillings flush with the surface door frames
  • The possibility of using hidden hinges, which increases the aesthetic value of the door

Overlay panel

Aluprof COMFORT aluminum external doors from the Alu Intense line with an overlay panel are an ideal proposition for people who dream of an impressive interior. Their unique connection with the leaf enables the construction of doors 1.4 m wide and 2.6 m high . Aluprof COMFORT doors are not only effective, but also very functional. They provide optimal protection against cold and a sensational heat transfer coefficient.

The Alu INtense COMFORT aluminum panel doors are an example of one of the most modern external technical and design solutions. It is not only a functional and durable entrance to the house. It's primarily the business card and ornament.


The fillings of Aluprof COMFORT external aluminum doors are made of durable and weather-resistant materials. The external elements are covered with layers of special varnishes, thanks to which they retain their unique appearance for years. At the customer's request, the panels are covered with unique Finea Teflon paints, which minimize the adhesion of dirt. With them, keeping the Alu Intense COMFORT panel doors clean becomes child's play.

Types of fillings for overlay front doors:

- One-sided flush filling

  • Uniform door leaf plane from the outside
  • Two-chamber glass with a coefficient of Ug = 0.5 W / m 2 K
  • Panel up to 44 mm thick
  • Thermal transmittance for doors UD from 0.9 W / m 2 K
  • Four variants of construction: ST, SI, SI+ and Aero

- Filling flush on both sides

  • Uniform plane inside and outside of the door leaf
  • 4-pane package with a coefficient of Ug = 0.4 W / m 2 K
  • Panel thickness 77 mm - 95 mm (depending on the chosen system)
  • Thermal transmittance for doors UD from 0.61 W / m 2 K
  • Four variants of construction: ST, SI, SI+ and Aero

Panel door models

Aluprof panel doors

The Alu Intense Comfort panel doors are the beauty of the sophisticated technique consisting in making millings of various shapes, patterns and colors as well as decorative applications in combination with insulated glass. There are countless combinations and variants in this case. As a result, Aluprof external aluminum doors from the Alu Intense line can be successfully used in both modern and classic homes.

Door with fingerprint reader

Door with fingerprint reader

Aluprof COMFORT aluminum external doors from the Alu Intense line can be made with a fingerprint reader.

On request, each model of entrance door is equipped with modern fingerprint readers that "remember" up to 200 users. The actuator hidden inside the sash will help the household members when opening and closing the door - this is why the handle or handle becomes an unnecessary element of the structure, which has a positive effect on its appearance and makes it original. Moreover, it is possible to remotely control the wing with a remote control. Aluprof Alu Intense COMFORT aluminum exterior doors equipped with a fingerprint reader are made using the Thermal Energy thermal window system from the & nbsp; Alu Industrial line, which uses aerogel for excellent thermal insulation.


Frame / sash thickness 77 mm
Thickness of the filling panel 22-95 mm
Maximum leaf dimensions L up to 1400 mm, H up to 2600 mm
Air permeability

Class 4

Watertightness Class E900 (900 Pa)
Wind load resistance Class C5 / B5

Thermal insulation

from 0.63 W / m2K & nbsp;
Anti-burglary class


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producent stolarki aluminiowej
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