producent stolarki aluminiowej

Aluminium house

Modern structures made of aluminum and glass

ALU IN - Polish manufacturer with international recognition

We combine passion with work, functionality with design, need and solution. We are a brand whose products make a home. A house for aluminum - a raw material that has inspired us for nearly 25 years and is the style and meaning of our lives. We supply aluminum joinery not only to Polish investors, but also for other European countries and beyond.

producent stolarki aluminiowej


Years of experience

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Modern functionality

Elegant window structures for excellent architectural projects that delight with comfort, spaciousness and precision of workmanship. ALU IN aluminum windows - passive PASSIVE, thermal THERMAL ENERGY, windows with SOLAR COMFORT shutters, window with a hidden HARMONY sash and thermal insulation BALANCE windows - are the most efficient, energy-saving products of the year. Aluminum windows rankings in their class win. Their perfect shape is perfect for framing your views.

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Extravagant entrance

Beautiful, stylish, safe and comfortable doors that will add originality, refinement and luxury to your home. Choose the elegant Aluprof COMFORT or Schüco DESIGN LINE external aluminum door model. If you want to match the door to the interior and facade, choose the two- or multi-color option with a wide range of accessories freely composed. Highlight the best in the personality of your home.

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A spacious house without barriers

Designer pearls with unlimited design possibilities. The most luxurious crowning of a modern home with the highest thermal and acoustic protection. Choose the Aluprof HS LUXURY sliding patio door or the thresholdless Schüco MODERN patio door, and regardless of the size and style of the house you live in, our doors will provide additional light and panoramic views. ALU IN sliding patio doors will emphasize the beauty and elegance of your home.

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Immaculate panoramic view

The wonderfully enlarged optics of the building and the stunning effect of monumentalism - a dream come true of the highest comfort and design. Realize them in your home or office, choosing from glass walls from the wide ALU IN offer: SLIDE sliding doors, PANORAMA windows (manual and automatic versions), ACOUSTIC partition walls and OFFICE office walls. ALU IN glass walls provide a modern look and are a popular option in areas of the home where the space is more horizontal than vertical. Thanks to our offer you will find something very suitable for your style.

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Fantasy and creativity

The wealth of possibilities and solutions that allows the implementation of even the most daring ideas in the field of aluminum and glass structures. ALU IN offers a selection of the Aluprof INSPIRED aluminum facade - a fancy mullion-transom wall with a thermal insulation coefficient at the passive level, and the Schüco PASSIVE GLASS facade with extremely narrow profiles ensuring almost unlimited visibility. Let your eyes with the boundless beauty of the surrounding world feed your soul.

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Nature in the interior

Gardens that penetrate inside, while creating a thermal barrier, thermal insulation and appropriate acoustics - for comfort, relaxation and rest. Discover the Schüco INVISIBLE SPACE aluminum winter gardens - elite constructions made to measure, in accordance with the design and established structure. This elitism ensures originality and uniqueness. There are no two identical INVISIBLE SPACE conservatories. Choose unconventional luxury. Stand out above mediocrity.

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Intelligent protection

A class of intelligent solutions that ensure the highest safety as well as fire and smoke exhaust protection. Choose reliable solutions based on Aluprof systems: SAFE & SMART fire and smoke exhaust systems and PROTECT fire evacuation systems. Provide protection and time to react quickly for yourself and your family. Risks are for the brave, but it is better to take them outside the home.

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producent stolarki aluminiowej

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