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PASSIVE GLASS glass facade from the Schüco Alu INtuitive line. The new Schüco FWS 35 PD facade system with extremely narrow profiles ensuring almost unlimited visibility

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Passive house class


Air permeability



RE 1200

Wind load resistance

2,0/3,0 kN/m²


The PASSIVE GLASS glass facade system was awarded the Reddot Design Award Winner 2019, German Design Award Special 2018, Gold Award 2017

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Alu Intuitive PASSIVE GLASS panoramic glass facade is a response to the demand for an absolutely transparent glass coating. Multidimensional glass and extremely narrow optically profile systems with a front width of only 35 mm are the perfect combination of aesthetic requirements with sophisticated technology.

The PASSIVE GLASS passive glass facade from the Alu Intuitive line, made of the highest-class aluminum, demonstrates best-in-class thermal insulation, thus meeting the strict certification standards of the Passive House Institute. At the same time, the system is reinforced with a new generation of insulators that are easier to process: Uf value of up to 0.90 W / m²K. The Alu Intuitive PASSIVE GLASS glass facade is available in two variants of thermal insulation: with HI (High Insulation) or SI (Super Insulation) insulators, each with the possibility of installing triple glazed units up to 52 mm thick.


Schüco panoramic facade

PASSIVE GLASS glass facades are perfect for representative glazing located on the ground floors in high-class residential and commercial buildings, presenting the best system solutions.

 alu intuitive passive glass, schuco fws 35 pd, schuco facade, aluminum facades, facade system

  • Modular system: profiles with a visible width of 35 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm can be freely combined with each other
  • Three levels of water drainage for design freedom
  • Possibility to integrate clip-on windows and doors in the different system variants of the Schueco Alu Intutive
  • line
  • System solution for aluminum facade with the narrowest visible profile widths - only 35 mm
  • Uniform sealing system for the entire system platform based on gaskets 9 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm inside and 5 mm outside
  • Prefabricated pressure profiles including gaskets and insulation foam: cost-effective processing with minimum effort
  • A new type of glazing rebate reduction profiles and adaptive profiles for lintel-sill glazing with a simple clip-on technique with optimal sealing: safe and clean workmanship
  • Innovative system of connection with the building structure: reliable ventilation and drainage of water in the connection zone; rational assembly, no work at height


PASSIVE GLASS glass facades from the Alu INtuitive line are of excellent architectural quality and new, prefabricated system components. At the same time, it is an innovative panoramic aluminum facade system that brings constructions to a new level of luxury, elegance and extravagance.


Schüco FWS 35 PD facade system

System / material
Frontal width min. 35 mm

The value of Uf frame≥

1.4 W / (m² · K)

Glass / panel thickness, max.

50 mm

Sound reduction RwP max.

51 dB (A)

Air permeability



RE 1200

Burglar resistance

To RC 3

Wind load resistance

2.0 / 3.0 [kN / m²]

Passive House Class


Surface finish

powder coating



Glass / panel thickness, min-max

4 ... 50 mm


Certificate of the Passive House Institute

Fall protection

Impact resistance


System installation depth min-max

65 mm ... 150 mm


Mullion-transom facade


Cover design

Max weight

400 kg

Max. system installation depth

150 mm

Glass / panel thickness, min.

4 mm

Depth of the column installation min. - max.

125 ... 125 mm

Front width pressure profile / masking strip / outside / inside / mullion / frame / bolt

35 mm


EN ISO 10077

DIN EN 13830

General building approval

DIN EN 1627

Mounting angle





Drainage levels


Angle polygon facade


Max. element weight / glass / filling weight max.

400 kg

Resistance of the leaf to wind load



producent stolarki aluminiowej
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