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OFFICE office walls

Elegant OFFICE office wall systems from the Alu Industrial line. Light and solid structure based on Aluprof MB-45 / MB-45 Office, which can be the basis for special smoke-tight solutions

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Structural depth of profiles

45 mm

The range of fillings

2–25 mm

Dedicated tempered glass

8, 10, 12 mm

Smoke-proof doors


  • manual
  • automatic
  • smoke-proof systems
  • panoramic design system


Aluminum interior walls for offices

Due to the versatility and great possibilities in the field of building high rooms, Alu Industrial OFFICE wall systems are dedicated to the construction of light and solid partitions in:

  • conference rooms
  • an office space with clearly marked doors.


The system of fixed and equipped with doors partition walls for the Alu Industrial OFFICE office space is used to make internal partitions, the load-bearing element of the structure may be tempered glass. Elements of this system can be used to make fixed partition walls and all-glass door leaves (hinged and swinging).

The OFFICE office wall system from the Alu Industrial line is used to construct various types of partition walls, windows, doors, including manual and automatic sliding doors, swing doors, vestibules, and other spatial structures. It is also the basis for special solutions: smoke-tight partitions and doors in Sm, Sa classes.

System capabilities

Aluprof MB-45 / MB-45 Office glass walls

Alu Industrial PUBLIC and Alu Industrial OFFICE glass walls are extremely flexible and light, as well as very stable and solid systems, thanks to which you can easily rearrange the interior at any time.

  • 45 mm construction depth
  • The range of infills 2–25 mm (dedicated 8, 10 and 12 mm toughened glass panes)
  • Smoke-tight doors in classes Sm, Sa
  • Glazing gaskets installed continuously, no cutting at the corners
  • The system is adapted to typical fittings of many companies, eg Aluprof or WSS

PUBLIC and OFFICE glass walls from the Aluprof Alu Industrial line are extremely functional construction systems. They can be used wherever the emphasis is on panoramic interiors, arrangement of large office spaces, modernity and ease of execution.

Functionality and aesthetics

  • The depth of the construction profile 45 mm
  • The possibility of using various types of fillings as well as single and double glazing, 2-25 mm thick
  • Office walls are mounted with glazing beads and gaskets (without cutting in the corners) dedicated, large-size 8, 10 and 12 mm toughened panes
  • Various types of structures: partition walls, windows, manual and automatic sliding doors, swing doors, vestibules, etc. 
  • MB-45D smoke-tight doors in Sm, Sa classes
  • Freedom of arrangement and quick change due to the extremely easy disassembly of connections and their reassembly by changing, for example, the angle of installation or its function
  • Aluprof, Geze and WSS hinges, locks and door closers can be used, as well as typical fittings from many manufacturers 

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