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THERMAL ENERGY aluminum windows from the Alu Industrial line. Based on the Aluprof MB-86 system, the world's first aluminum windows to use aerogel - a material with excellent thermal insulation

Alu INdustrial Thermal Energy, mb 86 aero, okna aluminiowe aerożel, okna aluminiowe aluprof
  • passive construction standard
  • wide range of training
  • increased thermal insulation
  • oversized tightness


Economical windows for the home

THERMAL ENERGY thermal windows from the Alu Industrial line are extremely durable and balanced windows that can be structures with large dimensions and weight. It is a product with excellent parameters, capable of satisfying the various needs of users:

  • Wide thermal breaks with a new shape allow the use of an additional partition in the profile insulation zone
  • The two-component central gasket perfectly seals and thermally insulates the space between the leaf and the frame
  • Glazing strips with additional sealing are available in three variants: Standard, Prestige and Style
  • The structure of sections has 3 variants depending on the requirements of thermal energy savings: ST, SI and AERO
  • Profile shapes are adapted to the assembly of various types of multi-point locking fittings, including hidden hinges
  • A wide range of glazing allows the use of all types of glass, including triple glazing, acoustic or anti-burglary
  • Profile drainage is available in two variants: traditional or hidden

Technical data

Windows with aerogel

Air permeability class 4
Watertightness class E 1500 Pa
Thermal insulation (Uf) ST variant: from 1.39 W / m2K

Variant SI: From 0.92 W / m2K

Variant Areo: from 0.57 W / m2K
Resistance to wind load Class C5

On the basis of the ALU INdustrial Thermal Energy (MB-86) thermal window system, it is also possible to make panel doors with extremely rich aesthetic possibilities. This is the type of door that meets the expectations of the most demanding users.

Advantages of THERMAL ENERGY windows

THERMAL ENERGY thermal windows from Alu Industrial line are a system with excellent parameters and the best construction conditions. It allows you to make extravagant windows perfect for people who dream of an impressive effect and the highest functionality. Thermal windows, based on the Alu Industrial THERMAL ENERGY system, provide an attractive design, optimal protection against cold and a sensational heat transfer coefficient.