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BALANCE Heat-insulating windows

BALANCE aluminum windows from the Alu Intuitive line. Elegant, classic aluminum windows based on the Schüco AWS 90.SI + (Super Insulation +) profile. They combine the advantages of aluminum with prospective thermal insulation in a sustainable architecture

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Passive house class


Depth of installation

90 mm

Thermal transmittance of glazing Ug

0,3 W/m2K

Thermal transmittance of the window UW

0,92 W/m2K

  • passive construction standard
  • barrier-free systems
  • central ventilation
  • burglar resistance
  • increased security
  • increased acoustic insulation
  • comfort of use
  • maximum load
  • sun protection
  • ventilation


Aluminum passive windows 

BALANCE thermal insulation windows from the Alu Intuitive line are an absolute novelty on the joinery market in terms of maximum thermal insulation and thermals, in a standard higher than passive:

  • The highest thermal insulation with a profile depth of 90 mm and Uf values ​​from 0.71 W / m²K
  • Average Uf value of 1.0 W / m²K, Uw = 0.8 W / m²K (with an external profile width of 117 mm) and Ug = 0.6 W / m²K (with a plastic spacer) 
  • Co-extruded center gasket with fin
  • Extended insulation zone with thermal foam spacers

 alu intuitive balance, aws 90 si aluminum windows schuco

Functionality and aesthetics

Alu Intuitive BALANCE thermal insulation windows are windows of the future that fulfill the vision of the best service, luxurious design and excellent parameters.

 alu intuitive balance, aws 90 si alu windows schuco

BALANCE thermal insulation windows from the Alu Intuitive line also meet the highest architectural requirements in terms of design and the possibility of shaping the appearance of a building with an installation depth of only 90 mm. Thanks to the use of hidden fittings, Alu nNtuitive BALANCE windows allow for the implementation of transparent glazing with a sash weight of up to 160 kg. Aluminum thermal insulation windows Alu Intuitive BALANCE also show the highest anti-burglary resistance, increased safety and acoustic and sun protection.


Windows Schüco AWS 90.SI +

System / material aluminum
Energy passive house standard
Form / design




central ventilation

anti-burglary resistance

increased security

increased acoustic insulation

comfortable operation


barrier-free systems

maximum load

sun protection


System installation depth
90 mm
Frontal width min. 99 mm

Uf frame value

0.71 W / (m² · K)

Glass / panel thickness, max.

68 mm
Max leaf width / height 1700 mm / 2500 mm

Sound reduction RwP max.

47 dB (A)

Air permeability

Class 4


Class 9A

Burglar resistance

To RC 3

Wind load resistance

Class C5 / B5

Window Uw factor 0.92 W / (m² · K)
Max leaf weight 250 kg
Min. - max. leaf height 490 - 2500 mm
Min. - max. leaf width 450 - 1700 mm
Scope of application

external use

residential construction

commercial construction

Passive house class phC
Proof of permanent operation class 3

Surface finish

powder coating



Opening type: TipTronic from inside

turn & tilt




Opening type: manual from inside

turn & tilt



flying tilt & turn mullion

flying turn / turn mullion




Glass / panel thickness, min-max

28 ... 58 mm


cradle2cradle Silver

Service force class 1

Mechanical resistance

Grade 4

Leaf thickness 100 mm
Protection class against corrosion of hardware class 5
Ug value of glass
0.3 W / (m² · K)
Glazing structure 3-digit glass
Total building depth 100 mm
Planes of seals 3

Inclination angle

180 °

The frontal width of the door frame / sash frame

56 mm / 43 mm

Front width of the column min. - max.

86 mm - 260 mm

Frontal width of the flying mullion min-max

148 mm - 163 mm