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Sliding patio door HS LUXURY

HS LUXURY sliding patio doors from the Alu Intense line. The designers' pearl ALU IN Aluprof - exclusive HST doors which are the most luxurious finishing of a modern house with the highest thermal and acoustic protection. They are an ideal proposition as a solution connecting rooms or winter gardens with the external environment, they are convenient exits to a balcony, terrace or an open garden space.

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Thermal insulation Uf

from 1,4 W/m2K

Air permeability

class 4


class 9A

Wind load resistance

up to class C4

  • high thermal insulation
  • wind load resistance
  • waterproof
  • increased acoustic insulation
  • increased security


HST Premium patio doors

Alu Intense HS LUXURY lift and slide patio doors, made of the highest quality aluminum, based on the Aluprof system, delight with panoramic glazing and exclusive design.

  • Perfect buildings connecting the rooms; comfortable exit to the balcony, terrace or open garden space
  • In the open position, they do not take up space inside the room, which additionally increases the comfort of their use
  • Manufactured using a system with the best parameters: air permeability: class 4, EN 12207; water resistance: class 9A, EN 12208; resistance to wind load: up to class C4, EN 12210
  • Possible construction variants: ST and HI due to thermal insulation parameters, 1-chamber or 2-chamber
  • Perfect for single-family buildings as well as comfortable apartments or hotels

Functionality, aesthetics, advantages of the structure

  • Durable and extremely slender profiles enable the construction of HST low-threshold doors with a leaf weight of up to 600 kg, height up to 3.24 m and width up to 3.3 m
  • Available solutions for HST sliding patio doors with a narrow post, where the visible width of the sections at the junction of the door leaves is only 47.5 mm
  • Available in corner doors 90 and 270 degrees with a flying mullion
  • Excellent parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to a wide range of additional accessories, insulation inserts, a wide range of fillings and thermal breaks.
  • Possibility to choose glazing beads in 3 aesthetic versions: Standard (rectangular), Prestige (rounded) and Style (shaped) )
  • Increased anti-burglary properties ensuring maximum protection and safety thanks to the closed shapes of the strips and anti-theft details, in no way affecting the design or construction of the whole structure
  • Excellent tightness and resistance to water and air penetration through the Alu Intense HS Luxury sliding door thanks to the special shapes of the cover and glass gaskets as well as appropriate fittings
  • Possibility of automatic door control with a button or remote control, using the "HS-Master" technology
  • A high degree of safety and sliding even of heavy structures and large dimensions of the door thanks to the "Comfort close" mechanism
  • A high degree of compatibility with Thermal Energy thermal windows from the Alu Industrial line (MB-86), which enables the creation of coherent structures adapted to the production and aesthetic level
  • The beauty of home interior design, using HS LUXURY sliding patio doors from the Alu Intense line, is absolutely endless

System presentation

Balcony door with a low threshold

Instrukacja montażu drzwi zewnętrznych aluminiowych HS LUXURY z linii Alu Intense - profile dostosowane do montażu wielu dostępnych na rynku okuć ryglowanych ręcznie i automatycznie


    Przepuszczalność powietrza
    klasa 4
    klasa 9A
    Izolacyjność termiczna Uf od 1,4 W/m2K
    Odporność na obciążenie wiatrem do klasy C4
    Odporność na włamanie do klasy RC2

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