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PASSIVE aluminum windows from the Alu Industrial line. The best thermally insulated structure in the Aluprof offer. The highest quality passive windows with a MB-104 thermal break, meeting the strict certification criteria of the Passive House Institute

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  • passive construction standard
  • structural glazing
  • combined window
  • central ventilation
  • increased security
  • anti-theft protection


Windows with Passive House Institute Darmstadt certificates for the MB-104 Passive SI and MB-104 Passive Aero versions

    Windows PASSIVE Aluprof from Alu Industrial currently exceed the strictest regulations and standards for energy-efficient and passive construction:

  • High thermal insulation of the Uw window from 0.53 W / m2K
  • Excessive air tightness and acoustic insulation parameters
  • High structural strength
  • A wide range of glazing up to 81 mm
  • The construction of the MB-104 system sections has two variants depending on the requirements of thermal energy saving: SI and AERO


Warm energy-saving windows

The system on which Alu Industrial PASSIVE passive windows were made, can also be used to make other architectural elements of the exterior, such as:

  • doors (glazed and paneled versions available) with UD from 0.62 W / m2K
  • vestibules
  • sites
  • spatial structures

All the above-mentioned spatial structures, made using the MB-104 Aluprof system, are characterized, apart from stunning thermal insulation, with sensational acoustic insulation, tightness to water and air and excellent, high strength of the structure.

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Technical data

Installation profile thickness 174 mm (Aluprof system)
Glass thermal transmittance  0,5 W / m2K *

Advantages of ALU INdustrial PASSIVE

The best windows for a passive house

Passive Alu Industrial PASSIVE windows are one of the most frequently chosen aluminum windows for contemporary passive houses. They combine perfect thermal insulation with perfect and solid Aluprof profiles with an exclusive design. They guarantee a luxurious Premium product of the highest quality.

Exceptional workmanship, personalization, functionality and reliability. We have created a product with a timeless character and the most comfortable functional features. Dedicated to a Premium Customer who values comfort, safety and attention to detail.