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ACOUSTIC partition walls

ACOUSTIC system of partition walls and internal partitions from the Alu INdustrial line. Guarantee of the best acoustics and sun protection in the office space thanks to Aluprof MB-80 Office

Alu INdustrial Acoustic, sciany działowe mb office aluprof

Acoustic insulation

50 dB

Installation of inter-pane blinds


Possibility of making walls

80, 92mm

Cable routing inside the wall


  • high thermal insulation
  • sun protection
  • office equipment


Internal aluminum walls

ACOUSTIK partition walls from the Aluprof Alu Industrial line are the perfect system for interior partitions in:

  • offices
  • other public spaces

ACOUSTIC partition walls can be used as a variety of transparent and non-transparent fillings with the use of internal blinds and the installation of electrical equipment and office equipment. ACOUSTIC walls are especially recommended in facilities where high acoustic insulation is required.

Construction and capabilities

Alu Industrial ACOUSTIK partition walls delight with the simplicity of prefabrication (also possible on the construction site) and assembly, as well as flexibility and adaptability.

  • Perfect soundproofing of the office - acoustics at the level of 50 dB depending on the fillings used
  • Various types of fillings: glass 4-14 mm thick, furniture boards 16-18 mm thick, plasterboards
  • The depth and structure of the base profiles allows the installation of inter-pane blinds
  • Possibility to connect the wall with a standard 75 mm thick plasterboard wall
  • Possibility to make walls 80 mm and 92 mm
  • Any division of space, realization of the wall break angle in the range of 90 ° ÷ 180
  • Routing cables inside the wall, mounting standard electrical sockets
  • Possibility to connect: with the MB-45 wall (centrally or flush with the wall plane), with the MB-45S system door (flush with the wall plane and with hinges not protruding beyond the face) and with the MB-45 OFFICE system door (with the central location of the sash) with the plane of the wall and hinges that do not protrude beyond the face)
  • Maximum building height 5.5 m.


  • Various types of infills: glass panes th. 4-14 mm, furniture boards th. 16-18 mm, plasterboards
  • The system allows the installation of inter-pane blinds
  • Possibility to connect the wall with a standard 75 mm plasterboard wall
  • Phenomenal insulation ACOUSTIC acoustic partition walls at the level of 50 dB, which allows for perfect soundproofing of the office and work in optimal conditions
  • Possibility to make walls: 80 mm and 92 mm
  • Cable routing inside the wall
  • Any interior arrangement thanks to the high stiffness of the sections and the realization of the angle of the wall in the range of 90-180 degrees

Soundproofing glass walls

Alu Industrial ACOUSTIK partition walls are the best solution in an office space. Extremely functional, wonderfully silencing systems will provide appropriate conditions for both independent and team work.

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